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Wild West in Eastern Oregon — Day Two Cycle Oregon 2013

Remember yesterday how I was saying how beautiful the day and the ride was? Well it was like that again today, just a little different. We began with another ride through the canyons of Canyon City, right by the place that supplies antique wagons to movie makers. Then began a very nice, long, steady climb featuring stellar views and brand spankin’ new silky smooth pavement. Quite a way to start another day in paradise.

Once again there was a rippin’ descent, this time into welcoming (and massive) Bear Valley followed by also massive Silvie’s Valley. The ride into town was through a narrow canyon that would make a perfect ambush spot in an old Western. The welcome in Burns was warm. In fact, they closed down most of the streets in town — including Main Street — so that we may revel. So revel we shall.

Today was another fine example of the stellar riding that can be found in Eastern Oregon. See for yourself.

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