How do I contribute my $500 refund to The Cycle Oregon Fund, or receive my refund of $500?

Follow this link.  This will bring you to a form to submit your choice.  You will receive a confirmation email once you’ve submitted your choice to confirm we received your request.  We have a record of other service products that you have purchased (Tent and Porter, Bus tickets, parking permits, CPAP and rider guest registrations) and will refund these in full, regardless of your choice to contribute or receive a refund.  If you registered for more than one rider, you will have the opportunity to add additional riders in the same form.  In order to fulfill all requests by October 31st, you will have until September 20th, 2017 to submit your request.


What about the retail products I purchased?

We are not able to refund your retail purchases (jerseys, Icebreaker, etc.), but we will either mail them to you by October 31st, or you can pick them up at the Cycle Oregon office on September 16th.  Details on this will be delivered to you soon.


Is the $499 we didn’t receive going to the communities, instead of the riders?

No. Other than preparatory expenses already incurred, the communities are not receiving any funds directly from Cycle Oregon. We plan to honor our financial commitments to our host communities by working with our Cycle Oregon Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation.

Are Cycle Oregon and the Cycle Oregon Fund the same thing?

No. Cycle Oregon, Inc. is an Oregon tax-exempt non-profit under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Proceeds from Cycle Oregon programs are donated to The Cycle Oregon Fund maintained by the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) which is an Oregon non-profit tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Cycle Oregon Inc. recommends grant opportunities to OCF to award through The Cycle Oregon Fund.


Why didn’t I receive a 100% refund?

A year’s worth of investments are made up to the date when we start each event.  We canceled The Classic event one week before we would have started to set up at Tumalo State Park.  Because of that timing, we’ve stopped many of the wheels in motion, but the train had still left the station, and expenses have been incurred.


When will I get my refund check?

We are working on the details of this, but you can expect to receive your refund check by October 31, 2017.


If I chose to make a gift with my refund, is it tax-deductible?

Contributions to the Cycle Oregon Fund may be tax-deductible.  The Cycle Oregon Fund is maintained by the Oregon Community Foundation, an Oregon non-profit tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Through an arrangement with the Oregon Community Foundation, Cycle Oregon will act as a nominee for those who contribute their $500 to the Cycle Oregon Fund.  We will submit your gift to the Oregon Community Foundation, which will issue you a receipt.  Please consult with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your contribution to the Cycle Oregon Fund.


Where will my gift go?

The money contributed will go into the Cycle Oregon Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation.  We will then use those funds to support the rural communities dealing with the forest fires throughout the state.  We will update you in early 2018 as to what was accomplished through your generosity.


What will happen to the planned community payments?

We will not be able to fulfill any of our planned payments to the communities out of our operating funds.  We will use the money donated to the Cycle Oregon Fund to help fulfill those commitments.


Will Cycle Oregon survive this?

Yes.  With your partnership, we will move forward and be here to host you on our events in the future, and to continue to help support the rural areas and communities of Oregon we care so deeply about.


Why doesn’t Cycle Oregon have cancellation insurance?

The annual expense of cancellation insurance has proven too cost prohibitive to also be able to contribute proceeds to the Cycle Oregon Fund and support rural Oregon through grants.


Why doesn’t Cycle Oregon give me a full or partial credit for next year’s event, instead of a refund?

Much of your registration fees have already been spent on this year’s event expenses.  If we carried a full credit forward, we would have the same level of expenses next year, without any revenue to offset them.  In addition, based on numerous variables in tracking and applying credits, is has proven not possible administratively to provide credits for future years.


Will we do the same route for The Classic in 2018?

We will assess the state of things in the future and make that determination.  We’ll announce our decision at our Kickoff Announcement on January 31st, 2018.


Based on recent fire history, will you consider moving The Classic event to another time of year?

Historically, the second week of September has the best weather conditions statewide.  That being said, we will investigate other options and make that determination by our 2018 Kickoff event.


What if I want to contribute some of my other purchases? (Tent and Porter, Bus Tickets, etc.)

For several reasons, we are unable to honor that request.  If you would like to contribute additional funds to the Cycle Oregon Fund, we encourage you to donate directly through the Oregon Community Foundation.


How will I receive an early registration for The Classic in 2018?

We will be reaching out to all current registered riders of The Classic 2017 prior to opening registration for the 2018 events with details.


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