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Ride Perks Support Community Cycling Center Mission

IMG_1854Did you know that there’s a Bike Camp for Kids on next month’s Weekend Ride? Or that you can treat yourself to a full bike detail on the Week Ride in September? The even better news is that taking advantage of these perks helps support the mission of the Community Cycling Center (CCC), a Portland-based organization that helps broaden access to bicycling.

CCC is driven by the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy, freedom, and health benefits that come from a strong connection to bicycling. And for the past 16 years, they have partnered with Cycle Oregon to offer services that raise money for CCC’s bike safety programs for low-income youth and adults. Last year, the purchase of CCC services on Cycle Oregon’s weekend and weeklong rides brought in $27,000!

In 2016, CCC is back. Specifically, here are the services being offered by CCC on Cycle Oregon’s 2016 rides:

Weekend Ride

  • Bike Camp for Kids: Campers will explore shortened Weekend Ride routes, make new friends, and improve skills with the support of trained bicycle safety instructors. $65 for one day, $115 for both days per child. More information here.

Glee-CO14 (268)Week Ride

  • A Clean Bike is a Happy Bike: Full bike detail for $85.
  • Get Charged Up: CCC will charge your electronics by solar and wind power. Full week charging for $60.
  • VIP Clean & Charge: Full bike cleaning + full week charging for $130.
  • VIP Clean & Charge Plus: Full bike cleaning + full week charging + sponsor a child at CCC’s Holiday Bike Drive for $180.

Remember that the funds raised from these services go toward supporting CCC’s bike safety programs for kids and adults, so it’s money well spent!

CCC’s services tend to sell out quickly, especially during the Week Ride, so it’s a good idea to pre-schedule. To sign up or request further information about CCC’s participation in Cycle Oregon Week Ride, contact Patrick at or (503) 288-8864, ext. 325.

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