Meet Chris Knott – Cycle Oregon’s New Customer Service Lead

03bd102As many of you know by now, Ingrid Nylen, who headed up customer service for Cycle Oregon for the last decade, has retired. Providing the level of customer service our riders have become accustomed to is no small task, so filling this position required a rigorous search. We’re very glad to report that we’ve found the perfect person for the job: Chris Knott.

Chris comes to us from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, where he was involved in finance and development as well as fundraising and customer service, which makes him a natural fit for the Cycle Oregon position.

Interestingly, he also worked in the craft brewing industry for several years. During the CO rides, we’re thinking his experience in dealing with folks with a few beers in their bellies might translate nicely into working with overly tired riders, those who are overdosing on endorphins… or those with a few beers in their bellies.

With the new registration system in place, chances are good that you won’t be getting to know Chris via an urgent phone call on Feb. 6, so we offer the following tidbits:

  • He’s from Rochester, Minnesota, but prefers to visit family in Colorado
  • He’s an avid soccer player and is on two co-ed teams
  • He loves to cook
  • He’s stoked about working with Cycle Oregon, and looks forward to getting to know the family of riders and the great communities we visit.

He’ll be at the Kickoff Party, so be sure to find him and get to know him in person. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I want to pre register and then register a group of 7. I will need to collect the necessary information so that I can register our entire party under the same group. What information on all 7 will i need to have?

    1. There is a ton of information to gather, too much to list here. Once you register for an account, you can share your login info with your trusted friends and have them fill out the information themselves. Then once registration opens on the 5th at 9:30pm PST, you can click the buttons to sign each of them up, buy all of them jerseys, and check out. Check out the site on Monday afternoon!

  2. Miguel Ascencio says:

    I need some information about prices please, i live in Hermiston and i am planning to go to the kick-off party i need to see if i am going to make it money wise. Thank you very much for you attention.

    1. We haven’t announced prices for 2014 yet, but they will be $920 for the Week Ride and $180 for the Weekend ($80 for kids age 7-17).

  3. Hey Chris, Who do you want to win in Rio this July?