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In the Middle of Somewhere — Crane — Day Five Cycle Oregon

Where do the kids who live in towns with double- and triple-digit populations in this part of the state go to school? Crane, Oregon. And today Cycle Oregon has made it to the campus of Crane Union High School, which is the only public boarding school in the country.

This whole section of Oregon is about as rural as rural can be and that’s one of the many reasons it is so pleasant. Speaking of pleasant, that’s a nice way to describe today’s ride. Some chose to do the short 40ish mile route from Diamond to Crane, while others opted to double the miles with a bonus loop.

Either way, we were treated to some very light cloud cover that made for nice cool temps. The course itself was fairly flat, though wind was a factor at times. Once again we saw more ranches, more wide open spaces and more neat mountains and rock formations.

I find myself having signs of pre- post-Cycle Oregon withdrawal symptoms already, so I need to go live in the now. Later.
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