Driving Wins Out Over Biking on Day Four

Today is the layover day, which is a day when participants can choose to ride or seek entertainment elsewhere. Those who opted to ride were supposed to be able to do a pretty 40-mile out-and-back to Frenchglen or a more robust 80-mile romp.

Apparently not everyone in these parts got the memo about Cycle Oregon coming to town because today was also the day one of the local ranchers planned to have himself a little old cattle drive. We’ve seen in past years what happens when cyclist and cows collide — it isn’t pretty. As a result, the 80-mile ride was cancelled.

Regardless, a good time was had by all. Many of us took a shuttle up Steens Mountain. Being as this lofty peak is so far from, well, everything, it isn’t a mountain that many get to explore. That’s too bad because it is a beauty.

Tonight we camp under the abundant stars once more. The main stage will be converted into a cinema where we will (appropriately) get to watch “City Slickers.”

Cycle Oregon 2013-1 Cycle Oregon 2013-2 Cycle Oregon 2013-3 Cycle Oregon 2013-4 Cycle Oregon 2013-5 Cycle Oregon 2013-6

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  1. Thanks for posting the blog and the wonderful pictures. The fifth looks like it would be a fantastic place to watch the sunrise/set. Were the night skies as spectacular as expected?

    1. Dean Rodgers says:

      It was amazing indeed — both nights.