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Community of Giving Founding Members

For over three decades, Cycle Oregon has been building connection and community through cycling. Through our riders, partners, and the communities we visit, we celebrate and support the people and places we experience – and the bike is our tool. We relish the diversity of rural and urban. We embrace the environment that surrounds us, find meaning in it, and work to make a difference. Whether it’s building a new friendship or building a new community center, the Cycle Oregon community is transformational at every level.

2021 begins the journey of developing a more comprehensive and impactful Cycle Oregon. We want to deepen the connection we have with the Cycle Oregon community and Oregon’s amazing people and places. We know that we are all connected in some way; and like a cog in a drivetrain, collectively we are able to accomplish something much larger than ourselves in working together. Thank you to the BREAKAWAY, PACELINE and CORPORATE Founding Members of Community of Giving, let’s do something great together!

COG BREAKAWAY Founding Members

Chip Addabbo – Mary Lee Baker – Terry Batchelder – John Bauer – John Blackwell – Yann Blindert – Chad Davis – David Dorr – Bart Eberwein – Dan Eller – Karmen Fore – Mark Foster – Gayle Garrigues – Sarah Gates – Jack & Dori Gilbert – Jay & Alison Graves – Carolyn Jen – Nathan Kerr – Susan Kubota – Sally Leneve – Bob Leonard – JS May – Rob May – Brian Mitchell – Eric Suhler – Johanna Todenhagen – Jacqueline Yerby

COG PACELINE Founding Members

Gustav Alberthal – Douglas Atmore – Michael Bahn – Roxanne Baxter – Linda Berger – Stefan Blumer – Stephen Boughton – Debra Carus – Steve Clark – John Clements – Liane Davis – Steven Demarest – Charles DeVoe – Jean Drake – Steve Dudley – Ethan Dunham – Lisa Dunnahoe – Bryan Edgington – Marc Evanitus – Marvin Fickle – Andrew Foltz – Tom Gaulke – Kelly Goman – Rohith Gunawardena – Ray Hanson – Steven Hill – Christoph Hinkel – Jim Holstein – Frank Horwitz – Norman Johnson – Charles Kilo – David Klick – Peter Koonce – Dave Lance – Barbara Larrain – Krista Leonard – Annette MacDougall – Michael Mankowski – Debbie Meisinger – Erik Mittra – Martin Moll – Teresa Ohmart – Michael Paric – David Pearson – Lynn Peterson – Mark Peterson – Heidi Peyton – Allen Pierce – Glenn Pransky – Patrick Radecki – Mike Reddig – P. Reid – Chuck Reif – Lea See – Brett Setterfield – Daine Sillan – Tom Simonson – True Sims – Drew Smith – Terry Snyder – Geoff Sovde – Naomi Suhler – Gregory Taylor – Wendy Teague – Scott Towsey – Nathan Vanderslice – Greg Waggoner – Richard Will – Bob Williams –  Bruce Williams MD – Pat Wolfram – Steven Young

COG CORPORATE Founding Members

Airstream Adventures Northwest

Nossa Familia Coffee

Bodywise Physical Therapy

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