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GLee-Co13 (449)You may not know her by name, but if you’ve participated in Cycle Oregon, you’ve probably worked with Ingrid Nylen at some point. She’s the friendly voice on the end of the phone with the answers to everyone’s questions. She’s the one who makes rider problems go away with aplomb. And on the ride, she’s one of the friendliest faces at Rider Services.

Jerry Norquist, who hired Ingrid 10 years ago, often referred to her as the heart and soul of the team behind the event. “Ingrid has an uncanny ability to take care of everything and every one simultaneously –including all of us in the office,” he says. “What’s more, she is ALWAYS sweet and cheerful about helping people – even if some of those she’s helping aren’t at their best. Simply put, Ingrid is an amazing person.”

All of us here in the CO office feel the same way, and I suspect most of you do, too. This is why you’re likely to have very mixed feelings to learn that 2013 was Ingrid’s last Cycle Oregon. As of this month, Ingrid is retiring (at least for now).

We’ll all miss working with her, but we wish her well as she takes some time to stop and smell the roses in her beautiful garden – one that will surely benefit from the extra time she can now devote to it. We’ll also miss working with her husband, Mark, who is also great to be around and has worked tirelessly as a Cycle Oregon volunteer for 9 years.

We’re thinking many of you probably have a fond memory or story about Ingrid you might like to share here as a way of showing how much of a difference she made, and that she will not be forgotten. Please feel free to submit your perspective.

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  1. Wayne Holzkamp says:

    I remember the year we started in Canyonville. When I went to check in they had no record of my registration, and I didn’t bring my receipt. Ingrid took my word at face value and got eveything cleared up, and I had a wonderful week. Just one of many great interactions I’ve had with her over the last 16 years. Sadly I missed this year due to knee surgery. CO will not be the same without her.

  2. Ingrid, you were the first person I came in contact with on my first CO. You were the best then, and remain the best of CO! Thank You for who you are!! I knew who to go to if I ever had a problem. Thank you for all your wonderful cheerful presence.

  3. Brahim Satoutah says:

    Thank you very for the help in cycle Oregon. When an issue comes up we all say Ingrid will take care of it and indeed you do. Thank you and take and we all miss you at cycle Oregon.


  4. James Elgart says:

    Thank you Ingrid! I am sure that I am not alone in saying that you made each Cycle Oregon I rode on the best experience I could wish for.

  5. It’ll be weird to think of going to CO without Ingrid there. We’ll miss her out there. Even though she is a whirlwind of activity, she always stops to answer questions. Good luck in your next phase and I appreciate all you have done.

  6. kirk usher says:

    Ingrid-no way! CO for sure will not be the same to so many of us who have come to appreciate all that Jerry posted about you and so much more.
    I’m chuckling because I have over 100 roses in my garden and I know how much time and attention they take in the summer when you would always be so busy getting ready for the upcoming Sept ride.
    Warmest best wishes. You will be so missed! Kirk

  7. That’s it… this year will be my last CO… 🙁 Have fun Ingrid, write us occasionally.

  8. Dag Kremer says:

    2013 was my first CO, but I knew from Day 1 what an essential and central part of the team she was .
    Her friendliness and positive attitude is an example to all of us.
    To find out about her her Norwegian background and that we had so much to talk about made it very special for me. I will miss her a lot, but hope to see her as a rider. The very best of luck to her in the future.

  9. We met Ingrid and Mark in 2005 on the LAGBRAU ride across Southern Utah. A wonderful friendship ensued and we learned all about Cycle Oregon. After riding 6 COs, I cannot imagine CO without Ingrid”s presence. Thanks Ingrid for all of your work to make CO an outstanding experience. Hopefully we will meet again on the road somewhere!

  10. I remember the year I was thought I registered, but did not. My brother has already made the add on arrangements and I had already booked the flight from the east coast. I wrote a letter of appeal to Jerry N. for clemency, but I know it is you that made it happen for me. I am grateful to you. I also want to say that while you are glad to move on, you gave CO a bedrock foundation for years to come that will benefit many beyond your years of service. Nice job. Thank you.

  11. Tracie Wolfe says:

    I’ve done CO for 7 years and Ingrid is the best. My parents came as rider guests every year and Ingrid came through a couple of times to get them in. With over 2200 riders, she always remembered my name and asked how my parents were. I will truly miss her smiling face all the time. You will really be missed. Thank-you for all you have done over the years, I will never forget.

  12. Ingrid has been a savior many times for myself and my wife over the past 13 years riding CO week rides and weekends. On a very hot 100+ degree day riding back into Eugene on a weekend CO adventure we found Ingrid half way up a steep climb standing in the back of a steaming metal cargo truck handing out cold water to help cool our overheated bodies. At last years CO week ride we arrived a day late and had left our parking pass in our bags. Within 30 seconds of telling our story Ingrid handed me a pass and with her never ending smile sent us on a memorable week long adventure. Thank you Ingrid for making every CO an everlasting fond memory. Sincerely, Rod and Raylene

    1. Dean Rodgers says:

      We’ll pass along the kind words. Cheers.

  13. Steve Paul says:

    Ingrid is the best. It is a sad day at CO with out her, Ingrid is CO.

    Who ever tries to replace her needs to be able to juggle a million things at once, keep track of all of them and do it with a huge smile.