2020 New Volunteer Informational Forum

Each year as we recruit new volunteers to assist with our events, we host an information night in an effort

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The “Idaho Stop” Starts in Oregon

Signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on August 6, 2019, Senate Bill 998 became effective at midnight January 1,

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The Resolution Revolution

The beginning of a new year brings some level of introspection in most people. We look back, think about how

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Giving is the Best Gift

By supporting a cause, you’re showing that you care. And by being involved with Cycle Oregon you’re providing real contributions

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Bikes & Gear

Your Cycle Oregon Gift Guide

Lists are all the rage this time of year and we have compiled a doozie for you. The following are

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Year in Review – 2019

Another year, another few sets of tires and tubes, another several hundred miles pedaled, and countless more great memories have

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Bikes & Gear, Preparation

Ride Through Anything

As you all know, the carefree, sun-kissed, easy breezy riding days of summer are now behind us and we’re well

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News, Rides, Videos

2020 – Coming in Hot!

Early bird registration for the 2020 Classic is now open! Be one of the first riders to reserve your spot

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The Greatness of Grants

Throughout the year, Cycle Oregon showcases unique and beautiful parts of rural Oregon. Our events connect riders to the land

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The Ballad of Trike Mike and Kippydo

Not all heroes wear capes. And if you rode this year’s Classic, you may have seen a couple of these

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