2024 Cycle Oregon Events — Save The Dates

The wait is over and we are excited to return to a full slate of events in 2024! We hope you are as thrilled as we are to see the reintroduction of both Joyride and WEEKENDER, as well as rolling out our new 5 day Rally event. We will be taking the roads less traveled in an all new destination for GRAVEL.

GRAVEL – June 7-9

WEEKENDER – July 12-14

Joyride – Aug 9-11

Rally – Sep 8-13

This year we are providing multiple route as well as surface options at all of our events. This will allow you to choose your own adventure, go at your own pace, and find fun in your own way while being fully supported in a way you’ve grown to know and love at Cycle Oregon events.

We’ll be announcing all of the event details in January.

Let’s RIDE!

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  1. Julie Gilchrist says:

    I would like more information about the Rally ride please!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      We are excited to share all the fun details in January 🙂

  2. Laura Schroeder says:

    When will you announce the route for the Rally in September?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      We will be announcing all event the details (including the new Rally) in late-January.

  3. Jack Perry says:

    Hello, could I get more information about the GRAVEL – June 7-9; when you get it?
    Jack Perry

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Jack – We will be revealing locations, details, and all that fun stuff for all of this years events (including Gravel) January 23rd. Stay tuned!

  4. Yay! I am thrilled. This will be my first time doing the gravel event. Even better, more announcements on my birthday next month. Woohoo!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Looking forward to it! And upcoming Happy Birthday 🙂

  5. Jeanette Agrian says:

    Can you send me more information on the weekender in July?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      We will be revealing details and opening registration January 23rd. Stay tuned!

    2. Patti Henry says:

      Hey! I saw your name here when I was looking for summer rides.

      Hope you’re doing well and hope to see you riding!

  6. I am VP of the Board of Directors for Joseph Branch Trail Consortium. At your convenience I would love to give you a personal update on our continuing progress

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi John – we would love to hear an update on your progress. Feel free to shoot Steve an email to continue the conversation.

  7. Donald Stolte says:

    Keep me posted about your summer rides

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Donald – We will be announcing all the details for the events later this month which will include locations, descriptions, route information, and registration. Stay tuned!

  8. Constance L Francis says:

    Please keep us posted! Thank you!!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Will do – we will be revealing all the details and opening registration January 23/24

  9. Can you please bring the Joyride back to the Wine Country? Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Locations are set for this summer. You’ll find out more Tuesday 1/23!

  10. Tom Kielty III says:

    When& where is the announce party?
    Will it be available online?
    I will be traveling in late January

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Tom – Announcement party is Tuesday 1/23, 5:30-8:00pm at Baerlic Brewing + Ranch Pizza in SE Portland. Online registration on our website will open 1/24 at noon (event pages will have all the details). Are you signed up for our newsletter? You will get info and updates delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe by clicking this link

  11. Are you doing 2024 COG, website info doesn’t seem to be updated on this topic.

  12. Oh Never mind… I see it now. the 2022 banner threw me off.

  13. Excited to hear about what the Rally is going to be!! I’m bummed that the classic is over, so really curious and excited to see what the Rally is all about!

  14. Bill Johnson says:

    Please add me to your mailing list. I had thought I heard last year was the final year of cycle Oregon? Glad to see it is still ongoing.

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Bill – The seven day Classic event became synonymous with Cycle Oregon, the organization. The seven day format’s last running was last summer, but the organization is here to stay. sign up for our newsletter with this link

  15. SO glad to see Joyride is back!!!

  16. Joyride '22 Alumni :-) says:

    Yay for the Joyride being back on the calendar!!!

  17. Heather Brooks says:

    I’ll be there– hope to get info about joyride rally and weekender!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Heather – All events are now live on the website. Here is a link to both Joyride and Weekender.

  18. Paul Soles says:

    I would be very interested in the weekender ride.
    I did it a few years ago and really enjoyed it even with the showers.
    please let me know what the price would be

  19. Kathleen Bartnicki says:

    Is there the ability to bring a camping trailer to the Rally? Anywhere to park it?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Kathleen – We do have some space for RV/Van campers. Depending on which event you are interested in, you can scroll down to the “Accommodations” section to review the specifics. If your question is not answered there feel free to email and we will get right back to you!