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April Training Tips

431px-Sandow1“We are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.”  – Aristotle

April is about getting on the bike and developing your training routine. If you’re new to cycling or new to Cycle Oregon, this year’s route might have you a little worried. Don’t be. Instead, be prepared and you’ll have a fantastic week or weekend.

Training focus for April:

Mileage: 40-90 miles per week.

Tempo: The goal is to build an aerobic base by riding at a comfortable pace for the majority of the time. Use the talk test: If you can’t have a conversation you’re probably ride too hard for this training block.

Training Drills: Throughout the next 4 to 5 months you’ll add cycling drills into your training. If you’re new to cycling, simply work on the basic mechanics of riding (shifting gears, removing water bottles, using your jersey pockets). If you’re more experienced, this is the time to practice your pedal stroke technique. Ride 30 to 60 seconds using only one leg, then switch; repeat 2 to 3 times (keep both feet on the pedals; just let the leg you aren’t using go along for the ride).

Cross-Training: Work on building leg and core strength. Here are a few core exercises that are great for cyclists:

Habits of excellence for  your training routine:

Schedule It: If you’re like me, life is busy and finding the time to train can be challenging. However, if it’s part of your goals, you need to make time for it. I joke with my wife that if it isn’t on my calendar, it doesn’t exist. Schedule your training time and stick to it. It will help with more than just becoming a better rider. I’ve found it helps with stress management (because you have made time for it) and productivity (you can focus on one task at a time knowing you have scheduled time to work on your goals).

There aren’t going to be more hours in the day, so instead become more efficient with the time you have. Your goal this month is to work on the training points for April. Schedule time for it, determine what steps you need to take (perhaps that’s a training program) and remove distractions.

There’s a reason we prefer to have all our athletes on a regular schedule for their personal training programs: It works.

Last tip: Enjoy the time on your bike!

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