A View of Cycle Oregon

Karly Osten is a recent graduate of Linfield College and is (thankfully) overseeing operations at The Blogmobile this year. Here’s what Cycle Oregon looks like through her eyes:

As I was immersed in the culture of Cycle Oregon I quickly realized why more than 2,000 people make an annual pilgrimage to the roads of rural Oregon. The energy is intoxicating; the cyclists are in high spirits and the volunteers abound with vitality and tireless enthusiasm. It’s amazing to see how the towns we visit prepare for our brief stay and how so many people willingly get involved to help everything go as smoothly as possible. I am in awe at how well organized the event is executed by a team that is made up primarily of volunteers who sacrifice vacations year after year to make the magic happen.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet many engaging people so far, and I am eager to expand my new circle of acquaintances (OR FRIENDS?) throughout the rest of the week. It’s fascinating to learn why people have decided to participate in Cycle Oregon; to have an adventure with friends, to celebrate overcoming serious illnesses, or to see the results of a new training regimen. The scenery is also a big pull since every day brings new and spectacular vistas.

So far, this has been a remarkable experience and I know everyone else is having as much fun as I am. The live music makes the evenings lively, the chow is good and the people are incredible.

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  1. Cindy Rhoades says:

    I lived in Eugene, Oregon for over 12 years and I love hearing about the spirit of this event. Riding through the roads of rural Oregon is a fantastic experience and this makes it so worthwhile.

  2. Rosanna Mersereau says:

    Hey Karly! I knew you “back when,” before you were a blogger! That’s cool you’re part of the trip; I want to go sometime in the future. 🙂