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The “Idaho Stop” Starts in Oregon

Signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on August 6, 2019, Senate Bill 998 became effective at midnight January 1, 2020. What’s Senate Bill 998 you ask? Colloquially known as the Idaho Stop Law, this new legislation allows bicycle users throughout the Beaver State to treat stop signs as yield signs (completely blowing through a stop sign is still a major no-no). Idaho’s version of this law has been in effect since 1982 with Delaware becoming the second state in 2017, Colorado in 2018, and Arkansas and Oregon in 2019. As with any new law, there’s a lot of language and opinion but our friends at Bike Portland posted an excellent overview written by attorney Ray Thomas. Advocates, politicians, and law enforcement from across the state helped to shape this bill and we are grateful to everyone for their dedicated and intelligent work to make Oregon such a wonderful place to ride a bicycle.

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