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When we cancelled Cycle Oregon’s slate of 2020 events last spring our plan was to navigate the pandemic until it subsided and start 2021 with another full schedule. Fast forward to today and the uncertainty around hosting events remains. While we are hopeful that it will be safe to host an event in 2021, we are also very realistic that this may not happen.

Around this time each year we would be gathering for our Kickoff Party and the big route reveal but a reminder that we will not be hosting our annual winter get-together. We’ll miss seeing everyone, hearing the oohs and ahhs as the routes come to life, and we know you will miss being there, too. The good news is that you’ve already seen the amazing “Ride The Painted Hills” route. Start dreaming and pencil in a ‘Save the Date’ for Classic XXXII from September 11 – 18, 2021. 

While our hopes are high, we cannot in good conscience take registrations for this or any event at this time. More will be known about vaccine rollout and the potential for gatherings as we get into late spring, at which point we will make a formal announcement about events and official registration details.

You have come to expect a high-level experience on Cycle Oregon events. If we cannot deliver that experience to you while efficiently complying with all safety requirements, we will not hold any events in 2021. If we can, you will be the first to know when and where! 

We thank you for your continued support of Cycle Oregon and our mission, and we look forward to the amazing experiences we will all share by bicycle in this wondrous state.

Together we ride,
-Steve Schulz

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  1. Interested if deemed safe

    1. Deb Hammond says:

      If the event is on I will register.
      RTR is on in June so Cycle Oregon has no excuse. I am grieving the cancellation of Wacanid because of border uncertainties so the week is free for the alltime best bike ride.

  2. Patrick Spencer says:

    Thanks for letting us know. I’m definitely interested in signing up. Please keep me posted.

  3. Mary Albachten says:

    Hip, Hip, Hooray. Here is to hoping we are able to ride this year. Stay safe and well everyone.

  4. Gisela Albert says:

    If everything works out, I’ll be in Oregon and California in the summer of ’21.
    Participating in this tour would be fantastic, of course. I’m from Germany and my plan is to cycle along the US Pacific Coast. Hopefully we’ll have that *** virus under control by then and everything is back to normal….

  5. Ralph Edward says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for “all systems go,” but genuinely appreciate your caution. I remember the year of the norovirus like yesterday, and it spread like wildfire overnight before the final CO day. Norovirus wasn’t potentially deadly as COVID is. Thanks for prioritizing riders’ health and well-being!

  6. Derek Shetterly says:

    I’ve always wanted to ride that region. The date is saved, now somebody save humanity!

  7. Augusto Carneiro says:

    We can only dream and hope!
    Thanks for the thoughtful communication and for all Cycle Oregon stands for!
    Can’t wait to ride – and brew some coffee – at CO again!

    1. Roseanne Dunne says:

      Interested!! Thank you

  8. Any word on the Weekender?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      There is still too much uncertainty with state guidelines and restrictions for Spring and early Summer 2021 so we are looking to Classic as our earliest event. As we learn more towards the middle part of the year we will determine what, if any, other events may take place. Please stay tuned here and to our newsletter for the most up-to-date information. Thank you.

  9. Rohith Gunawardena says:

    Looking forward to this September, with vaccinations in my arm (hopefully in March) and all the camera gear in my bicycle’s handlebar bag, ready to be volunteer photo-catcher!

  10. Nathaniel Greene says:

    I would like to do the event this year if it’s happening, please add my e-mail to the contact list, thanks!

  11. Got it penciled in. I expect it will be my last as I turn 70 in May. I know riders older than I have done it, got pictures, but this might be my last. My first CO 8 was around the Wallowas .
    My Cycle O bike is twenty years old, young as brazed steel is measured!
    Maybe I will look into electric assisted bike in the future.

    1. Barney Barber says:

      Doing a self contained ride across Arizona the end of April. Looking for a week long ride this fall. Would love to do Cycle Oregon. A great ride.
      Message to Doug, I am 71 years old

  12. Russell Hull says:

    I want to ride it! I really hope it can happen this year. We have been cooped up too long.

  13. I would like to register and ride.
    Thank you for all you do for Oregon and cycling.

  14. Frank Horwitz says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed. Everyone get vaccinated!

  15. Doni Carter says:

    Feeling hopeful this ride will happen!

  16. I did cycle Oregon III back when I was in college and had many memorable experiences. I hoped to do it again as a 30 year celebration. Getting out training and indoor resistance riding. Whether its a go this year or next, I will be signing up!

  17. Mark Williams says:

    Got my vaccine! Training hopefully for my 31st Cycle Oregon. Sun, sweat and sage makes for great riding.

  18. Traci Rieckmann says:

    When will you be able to update about the September ride? Just wondering if proof of vaccination was required if the event would continue. I’ve noticed several marathons are on the book for around the same time. Fully realize it’s a different experience but just wanted to ask.

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hello and thank you so much for your interest in our events.

      We are still in the planning process at this time and will be sharing our plans as soon as we can, which will likely be sometime in May or early June. As you know, information is changing almost daily, so we are monitoring government and CDC regulations until we have a clearer picture on what an event might look like. If and when we decide to hold an event this year, we will be following CDC guidelines and ensure the event meets the Cycle Oregon safety standards and experience our team and our riders have come to respect.

      Thank you again for reaching out and we hope to see you at a future event.

  19. I am highly interested to ride with you. Please keep me posted.

  20. Dawn Kilian says:

    Please notify me if Cycle Oregon decided to have this event take place!

  21. Beth Klingele says:

    when do you think you’ll make a decision on holding this event?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      We’re looking to June as our likely earliest announcement for details on the event. Thanks for the excitement and interest; any news on the event will appear here so please stay tuned. Again, thanks!

  22. Already vaccinated and ready to ride the Painted Hills on an e-bike. I was one of 10 I believe that were pre-authorized to ride an e-bike before the cancellation. Would like similar authorization. Even though vaccinated more than willing to honor CDC Covid-19 safety protocols on masking, distancing, and washing hands.

  23. Mary Waters says:

    I want to ride, have saved the date and am fully vaccinated!!!

  24. Paul Butler says:

    Only ridden two CO, back in 2011 & 2012. Interested in this year’s edition.

  25. Corrine Livingston says:

    I really hope we can do the event in September. Everyone should be vaccinated by then. Couldn’t you request that people who go on the ride be vaccinated?

  26. Mary Reiman says:

    I’d ride if it happens!

  27. Lori Brett says:

    I’m still ready to roll in support of the Cycle Oregon Team. I miss those small communities in the amazing places you take us.

  28. Michael Broderick says:

    If it happens I will be there. I have never ridden that part of Oregon but I do remember visiting the Painted Hills as a kid. I grew up in California but live back East now. Here’s to hoping that the vaccine distribution proceeds quickly and smoothly so we can get back to doing the things we love.

  29. Ethan Dunham says:

    Vaccinated and just ordered new bicycle

  30. Michelle P says:

    So excited to have it to LOOK FORWARD TO!!! As a maybe! That’ll do for now!

  31. Thanks for your commitment to this ride and the mission of CO. If you host the 2021 Classic, I’m in. I trust you.

  32. anne stronko says:

    With events like Portland Blues Festival opening and women’s soccer at Portland Stadium…..this event should happen…….I will help volunteer…. can’t get much safer than distancing between bikes, right ? If need be, make it a smaller group to ride this year….oh, yeah and lots of people vaccinated, too…..

  33. Louise Adams says:

    Curious if you will request vaccination status? That would interest me.

  34. R Bryon Frenyea says:

    My wife and I have our vaccinations, have done 5 or 6 CO’s and will be 72 and 75 respectively this year and are hoping to ride this CO if it happens. Sure hope so.

  35. I’m looking forward to the Classic Ride whenever the next one can be put on. The current pandemic state makes that schedule still an unknown, but until then keep up the communication.

  36. Bill Hanson says:

    It can be done! 🙂

  37. Sue Wilbur says:

    Crossing fingers!

  38. molly corby says:

    Vaccinated and wanting to ride! Please update me when/if registration starts.

  39. julie heidt says:

    I am continuing to keep the FAITH !
    CO is my favorite way to take a vacation and whenever it happens again I will be IN

  40. Steven Lovs says:

    Please keep me posted on rides for this year.

  41. Penny black says:

    Any word on the weekend ride?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hello, Penny, we do not have plans to host WEEKENDER for 2021 as it looks like statewide conditions and restrictions will be in place for a little longer. Please stay tuned to our blog and social media as any changes or updates will be immediately notified through those channels. Thank you and we look forward to riding together someday soon.

  42. Linda A. Cook says:

    Hi Steve, how can I volunteer?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Linda, we are always looking for new volunteers to join us at events. We unfortunately don’t have any opportunities to volunteer at this time. The best way to stay up to date about future volunteer opportunities is to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

  43. I definitely want to do this.

  44. Gary Kline says:

    Entirely reasonable to limit it to people with vaccines at time of sign up. Should state this early and often.

  45. Leslie Schaaf says:

    It seems time to make a decision. Plans can’t wait forever. Cycle Oregon, I would love to ride the Classic, but ………………….

  46. Paul M Soles says:

    I want to go this year. When will registration open up?

  47. Aliyih Bristol says:

    I am checking the CO website often these days for updates on whether the Classic and Gravel rides will happen in 2021. I sincerely hope so! It would be great if something could be communicated soon so eager riders know whether to continue saving the dates. Crossing my fingers. Thank you!

  48. How’s the decision for the CO in September going ? When will you decide either way ? Thank you

  49. Ron Otterstedt says:

    Fully vaccinated and interested in participating, but I understand your desire to be safe and put on a quality event. Please let me know if this is going to happen.

  50. Robert M Saladoff says:

    We are in for the ride if it happens. Keep us informed.

  51. Deborah Hammond says:

    Yes I will ride if the event is on!

  52. Suzie Donnan says:

    Are we riding this year or what? When are you going to make the call?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Suzie, yes, we are riding this year. We will announce our 2021 event details on Thursday June 10. Please stay tuned here and be on the lookout for our monthly newsletter to deliver that afternoon with all event information for the season ahead. Thank you.

  53. Marianna Hunnicutt says:

    Vaxxed and ready to roll!

  54. Your web site does not give prices for the tour.
    Am I missing somewhere?

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Drew, you’re not missing pricing as we’ve not yet announced the details for our 2021 events. Stay tuned here and look for our June newsletter which delivers Thursday afternoon June 10 with all the event information for the season ahead. Thanks!

  55. Diane Pietrzak says:

    Question please! Are E Bikes allowed? Thanks!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hello, Diane, and yes, yes, yes, e-bikes are allowed at our events. More information on 2021 events coming soon. Stay tuned here and be on the lookout for our June newsletter delivering Thursday June 10 with all the information.

  56. Doni Carter says:

    After you announce the ride event on June 10th, when will we be able to sign up?
    Thank you!

  57. Michael parsons says:

    I want to do it, keep me informed.

  58. JoAnn Dewey says:

    So as of today June 11th, has there been a decision regarding CO Classic for September 2021?
    Seeing registration open for two weekend events in the Tyge Valley (the first weekend of normal CO classic and the back weekend of normal classic is very confusing).

    Thank you.

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi, JoAnn, we will not be hosting Classic in 2021. Our top priority is the safety of participants, volunteers and the community. While our hopes for holding the Classic in 2021 were high, in the end we determined the risks and challenges of executing such a high-level event in the midst of COVID-19 uncertainties were too great. Holding back-to-back weekend events based out of the same venue during the time we asked to save-the-date allows us to ensure the safety of our participants, volunteers, staff and communities. Thank you.

  59. Dave McQuery says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the road–someplace–even if the event doesn’t come off this year or if I can’t make it.

  60. Garth Reid says:

    Have wanted to ride along with Cycle Oregon for some time. Hopeing this will be the year ( also considering Newfoundland. Either way it would be a fantastic event