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When we cancelled Cycle Oregon’s slate of 2020 events last spring our plan was to navigate the pandemic until it subsided and start 2021 with another full schedule. Fast forward to today and the uncertainty around hosting events remains. While we are hopeful that it will be safe to host an event in 2021, we are also very realistic that this may not happen.

Around this time each year we would be gathering for our Kickoff Party and the big route reveal but a reminder that we will not be hosting our annual winter get-together. We’ll miss seeing everyone, hearing the oohs and ahhs as the routes come to life, and we know you will miss being there, too. The good news is that you’ve already seen the amazing “Ride The Painted Hills” route. Start dreaming and pencil in a ‘Save the Date’ for Classic XXXII from September 11 – 18, 2021. 

While our hopes are high, we cannot in good conscience take registrations for this or any event at this time. More will be known about vaccine rollout and the potential for gatherings as we get into late spring, at which point we will make a formal announcement about events and official registration details.

You have come to expect a high-level experience on Cycle Oregon events. If we cannot deliver that experience to you while efficiently complying with all safety requirements, we will not hold any events in 2021. If we can, you will be the first to know when and where! 

We thank you for your continued support of Cycle Oregon and our mission, and we look forward to the amazing experiences we will all share by bicycle in this wondrous state.

Together we ride,
-Steve Schulz

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  1. If everything works out, I’ll be in Oregon and California in the summer of ’21.
    Participating in this tour would be fantastic, of course. I’m from Germany and my plan is to cycle along the US Pacific Coast. Hopefully we’ll have that *** virus under control by then and everything is back to normal….

  2. Keeping fingers crossed for “all systems go,” but genuinely appreciate your caution. I remember the year of the norovirus like yesterday, and it spread like wildfire overnight before the final CO day. Norovirus wasn’t potentially deadly as COVID is. Thanks for prioritizing riders’ health and well-being!

  3. We can only dream and hope!
    Thanks for the thoughtful communication and for all Cycle Oregon stands for!
    Can’t wait to ride – and brew some coffee – at CO again!

    1. There is still too much uncertainty with state guidelines and restrictions for Spring and early Summer 2021 so we are looking to Classic as our earliest event. As we learn more towards the middle part of the year we will determine what, if any, other events may take place. Please stay tuned here and to our newsletter for the most up-to-date information. Thank you.

  4. Looking forward to this September, with vaccinations in my arm (hopefully in March) and all the camera gear in my bicycle’s handlebar bag, ready to be volunteer photo-catcher!

  5. I would like to do the event this year if it’s happening, please add my e-mail to the contact list, thanks!