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Get Your Bike Ready

Get your bike tuned up and fitted before beginning to train. Efficient position and good body alignment will help you feel more comfortable. Have a professional bike technician check your position, including the points between your body and the bike: seat, shoes, pedals and hands. Poor fit is more painful than poor training. To have your bike professionally fit, contact a bicycle shop in your area.

Schedule a tune-up with your local shop a week or two before you leave on the ride. Make sure to have them check the condition and adjustment of brake pads, brake cables and gear cables as well as bearing adjustment in your hubs, headset and bottom bracket. Tires should be checked for excessive wear and cuts and nicks. Remember, old tires not only mean more punctures – they may also be unsafe. A safe and well working bike will let you focus on riding without frustration from mechanical issues or surprises on the road.

If you are in the Portland area, contact The Bike Gallery at one of their six neighborhood locations. You can stop by any time for a free “look-over” or diagnostic check. Sometimes the trained eye of the professional mechanic catches the otherwise unnoticed problem and besides, estimates are always free.

Consider a tire change
Something you really might consider for the ride is a switch to slightly wider tires. We’re going to be spending a lot of time on back-back roads, and of course that often means a chipseal surface. For comfort over a week of riding, many people feel a big difference when using 25-28cc tires instead of the skinny 23s. Another tip is to run your tire pressure down around 85-90 psi. These two changes will both make for a much smoother roll. Remember; it’s not a race – and you’ll be surprised when you find that these two changes don’t affect your performance… just your comfort.

Offered Again This Year – Road Bike Rentals!
Are you flying in for the Classic and prefer not to transport your bike? Or maybe you just want to experience one of Trek’s amazing road bikes for yourself?  Bike Gallery offers a rental program that makes it easy. Bicycle pick-up and return is on-site at the starting and ending location.  Sizes are limited so call early for reservations.  For more information, call the Bike Gallery in Portland (503) 281-9800.

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  1. Timothy Evans says:

    We are coming from Tampa, Florida. We would like to know what you would recommend for our back cassettes? We were thinking of changing out or cassettes and putting in 32×11 or 32×12?

    Also we were wondering about the grades of the uphill rides. By any chance could you provide us with that information.

    This would be very helpful.