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Cycle Oregon Grant Stories – Elgin Opera House

Last September when Cycle Oregon was in Elgin, we were treated to a sneak peek performance of Mary Poppins by a cast made up of local performers of all ages. These talented actors blew the roof off the 108 year old theatre/city hall/ onetime jail and won the hearts of everyone in attendance that night. Grants from Cycle Oregon have helped in the restoration of the Opera House and continue to support the programs that bring musical theatre, and a greater sense of community, to this part of rural Oregon.


When Cycle Oregon rolls through town with a couple thousands riders, tents, and bikes and everything that goes with it, the casual observer may see organized chaos. But look a little closer and you’ll see prosperity and community riding into these rural Oregon towns as well. These cyclists aren’t just passing through – they are connecting with the locals, spending in local establishments, and hopefully making plans to come back real soon. And that is what Cycle Oregon is all about. Since the very beginning, Cycle Oregon has been giving back to the Oregon communities that have given so much to us. Over the last 31 years, grants from the Cycle Oregon Fund have gone to preserve historic buildings, to protect natural resources, to create programs for low income families, and have helped make Oregon even more bike friendly than it already is.

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