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April 2022 Ride Challenge Results

Our April Miles Bring Summer Smiles ride challenge is done and despite the rainiest April that anyone can remember, together we rolled a combined 25,583.2 miles. Congratulations to everyone who got out there last month and put in some saddle time, it sure wasn’t easy but that was the point. Ride now to ride stronger later.

We saw 20 riders reach the challenge goal of Milestone 4 with many powering through for even more miles. Our Top 5 is a mix of riders opting for just a few long days out there and daily commuters supplementing with big weekend rides. All miles are good miles and we are super impressed with the effort from every rider.

Congratulations to everyone who put power to the pedals and we sure hope you found a few sunny miles in between all those April raindrops. As always, thanks to Ride with GPS for their assistance in supporting these fun challenges. And a special thank you to Showers Pass, Looptworks and Nossa Familia Coffee for their gracious support in offering prizes.

Now… who is ready to ride in the sun?

Riders completing 477 miles ridden and reaching Milestone 4, the full distance of Cycle Oregon XXII.

Jim Holstein – 966.6 miles

Peter Koonce – 885.9 miles

Charlie Wirtz – 864.6 miles

Ira Kucheck – 791.6 miles

“Rambo” Harrison – 771.5 miles

Raymond Finley – 657.4 miles

Kimberle Kelleher – 633.8 miles

Paula Ericson – 627.2 miles

Barbara Larrain – 582.9 miles

David Burkett – 564.5 miles

David Brine – 536.2 miles

Michael Mankowski – 524.6 miles

Lise Fraser – 487 miles

Dave Pearson – 484 miles

Michael Mann – 483.2 miles

Jamie Anderson – 483 miles

Rachel Serslev – 482.8 miles

Michelle Krakowiecki – 480.5 miles

Greg McDuffie – 480.1 miles

A.Foltz – 480 miles

Challenge Raffle Winners

Milestone 1 – Cycle Oregon insulated tumbler & cycling cap: Lise Fraser

Milestone 2 – Looptowrks + Nossa Familia hip pack: Michelle Krakowiecki

Milestone 3 – Showers Pass Elite 2.1 rain jacket: Kimberle Kelleher

Milestone 4 – Custom Cycle Oregon trophy: Jim Holstein

COG winner – companion pass for GRAVEL or WEEKENDER – Nathan Kerr

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