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2022 Volunteer Appreciation Party

Cycle Oregon volunteers… we get choked up just thinking about them and how much behind-the-scenes effort they give to make our events look and feel so smooth. We find time at our rides to share a quick morning coffee or evening beer in camp but they’re always on the move and hustling to help others so we host an annual gathering just for them. It’s our opportunity to talk a little longer and share stories from the rides and from the road. 

On Saturday April 16, 2022 we hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Party to bring our super crew together, get prepared for the season ahead, and to honor the anniversaries of long-serving volunteers. Cycle Oregon’s Volunteer Manager, Miranda Wigginton, presented commemorative pins to volunteers serving 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years with Cycle Oregon. Those being recognized this year are:

5 Years

Joy Beldin – Mark Deacon- Rohith Gunawardena

Jeremy Kitchen – Jim Spitzer

“I enjoyed riding the week ride for five consecutive years while my spouse Susan enjoyed the experience with me as a volunteer. I was also able to enjoy volunteer events (and campsites) with her.  In recent years other activities have displaced time in the saddle but, as a volunteer, I feel just as connected to the event and the great people of Cycle Oregon as I did as a rider.”

Jim Spitzer

10 Years

Ray Glur – Tim Oyen – Susan Spitzer

“My initial interest in volunteering for Cycle Oregon was sparked by my husband’s desire to ride in the event. As a non-rider, I was immediately captivated by the mission, which I interpret as getting people on bikes in a way that benefits them as riders. It also benefits the small towns where Cycle Oregon makes a huge impact. I didn’t want to be left behind! I want to go along and help, however I can. Ten years later, (hard to believe!), I still want to support the staff who perform logistical miracles, with care for each other, for volunteers, for participants, and for the communities of the State of Oregon. Sign me up again!”

Susan Spitzer

15 Years

Jean Drake – Ron Hamilton – Steve Long

“On the final day of the ride, standing at the finish line, I see the smiles, hear the comments, feel the joy and the pride in so many riders and am reminded this is the best week of the year for many of them. Over the years I’ve witnessed and experienced how the most miniscule thing we do can have an enormous impact on people, and that is magnified through Cycle Oregon.”

Ron Hamilton
Miranda and Rohith (He even volunteered to photograph this party!)
Wait, who ate all the snacks?
“Ready to sign up for 10 more years, Tim?”

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