2022 Route Announcement

2022 is a year of optimism and renewal; we’re excited for all that is ahead. To help you plan your year and join in the fun with us we’ll be announcing the details and locations for Classic, GRAVEL, Joyride and WEEKENDER on Tuesday January 25, 2022 in a video format you can watch anywhere.

We will not be hosting a live, in-person kickoff party this year.

Look for a special edition newsletter from us with the full-length video and links to registration details for all events. If you follow us on social media you’ll see it all there, too. No worries about where to park or what to wear, this is a party in the cloud. 

COG Member Early Registration opens Tuesday January 25, 2022
General Registration opens Wednesday January 26, 2022


GRAVEL  May 20-22 / A weekend of the roads less traveled

Joyride  June 25 /  A one-day cycling event for women

WEEKENDER July 22-24 /  The two most fun-filled days of summer

Classic  September 10-17 / An epic week-long journey

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    1. Yes, we’re excited about the experience e-bikes offer riders and we welcome e-bikes at Cycle Oregon events. Class 1 and Class 3 pedal-assist e-bikes are welcome on all courses;
      Class 2 e-bikes with a purely throttle-powered mode are not allowed. Cycle Oregon cannot guarantee electrical outlet access to all areas of camp though we will work in the time leading up to the event to map best availability. Classic presents a number of logistical challenges which, at present, requires that we limit the number of e-bikes at the event. We are making e-bike support a focus and working to develop an improved plan with greater access to power for Classic. Riding and camping through remote areas of eastern Oregon presents many challenges and we are fortunate to be working with suppliers and volunteers who are taking on the task of providing more power to keep these bikes rolling. More details to come, thank you.