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Day Two — Best Cycle Oregon Day Ever?

There’s been a lot of talk in camp about today being just that. Frankly, I’m not sure a single best Cycle Oregon day exists, but this certainly is one of them. The mountain views on the way out of Enterprise were spectacular (provided you turned around to take a look). A slow steady climb took us to a magnificent view of Joseph Canyon. From there it was a beautifully banked descent to the Grande Ronde River before the rather “epic” climb to Rattlesnake Summit. But in this case, there actually IS rest for the wicked because the rest of the way to Clarkston (nearly 30 miles) was mostly downhill — and what a downhill it was. Great pavement and more banked roads made me think I was on a motorcycle. The final leg along the Snake was on a particularly inviting bike path. The people of Clarkston are lucky indeed.


  1. contessa says:

    Hands down the best bike ride i have ever worked for and enjoyed! Well planned and fun!

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