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Women’s Cycling Groups

We’d like to think that cycling is an equal opportunity pursuit, but the sad truth is that historically it’s been a bit of a boy’s club. Women, and especially women of color, have been left out of the fun. Well, we think that anyone who wants to ride a bike should be encouraged to do just that and there are quite a few groups in Oregon who feel the same way. In fact, Oregon may be the most female-cycling-club-rich place on the planet!

The Bend Bellas are a fun-loving group of women in Bend, Black Girls Do Bike is a national organization with a local chapter that loves to get out and ride, Ride Like a Girl is all about breaking down barriers and closing the cycling performance gap, Portland Society is a self-professed group of “bad ass biking babes”, Friends on Bikes is fostering community for women of color who love to bike, OBRA’s women’s racing initiative is stoking the competitive spirit, Sorella Forte focuses on riding as a way to strengthen women’s physical and mental health, and Ladies Let’s Ride just wants to gear up, get on, get out, and get going. All of these groups are great ways to find and ride with people who love cycling and all it can do. Check them out and join the movement!

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  1. Jennifer Lane says:

    Hi there,
    I’m in Vermont and hoping to travel out to OR to bike the coast with my teenage kids this summer. I’m trying to find a service that both rents touring bikes (and ideally paniers) as well as a shuttle that could return the bikes back north so that we can continue south by car once we reach the southern border. Does anyone happen to know of such a service? Thanks very much! Any info. would be helpful.

  2. I am renting an Airbnb in Bend the month if June.I am ( almost) 63 female but love hiking,biking,and all kinds of gym workouts.I joined the Bella Cyclists but would enjoy more/harder/ longer

  3. How about Salem, anything there