Volunteer Spotlight

Tom Dorzweiler, of Oregon City, Oregon, is a Cycle Oregon Rest Stop One coordinator who first volunteered with Cycle Oregon in 2003. “I rode the Cycle Oregon Classic in 2001 and  just loved it. My daughter came with me that year as a volunteer and I kept hearing her stories of what was happening on the “other side” of the ride and I was intrigued. I rode again in 2002 but  told myself I have to volunteer after that.” 

And so he did, that first year as a Site Egress volunteer and then on to his place with our renowned Rest Stop 1 crew.

What keeps you coming back to volunteer with Cycle Oregon? “I keep returning for the incredible, awesome, and intense week of supporting 2000+ cyclists who are giving back to the community through Cycle Oregon. The camaraderie, too, of my fellow volunteers and hearing from riders about the quality of our rest stop experience makes it worth the effort.”

What is your favorite part of volunteering? “All the little elements of the day from driving the Cycle Oregon truck to setting up the rest stop are fun for me and the team. Once all that’s done, enjoying a beer with Cheryl, Bob, and Dorothy [Rest Stop 1 team] at the end of the day in the beer garden.”

What is your favorite Cycle Oregon location? “The Oregon desert, but specifically Malheur County.”

Any special message you’d like to share with someone thinking of volunteering with Cycle Oregon? “I can’t wait for the next one… every year!”

“Cheers!” indeed to our mighty volunteers.

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  1. Rohith Gunawardena says:

    I am a rider-volunteer (as a photocatcher). So I get to see Tom from a rider’s point of view and as a fellow volunteer’s point of view. Thank you Tom.

  2. Bob Manfull says:

    Tom: Thanks for including us in your “favorite things”! We, too, enjoyed those beers with you and Cheryl. We really miss Cycle Oregon. We had many fun times.

    Bob & Dorothy