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Volunteer Spotlight

We sent Chuck Quarterman, of Portland , Oregon, an email to ask a few questions about his experience as a Cycle Oregon volunteer and is it any wonder that his reply back began with, “Greetings from the Green Team!”? Chuck is the quintessential team player, speaking about those around him before himself and always putting the needs of the Cycle Oregon riders and community first. As a Green Team Leader, Chuck lives his personal mantra at our events, “Less waste, more world”.

How many years have you volunteered? –  “ I have volunteered with Cycle Oregon every year since 2012. My wife Sue and I volunteered together that year as she had volunteered for a few years and thought I would enjoy it. I did!”

“I have been a Green Team leader all this time but also have worked with Sign Team, Gift Shop, and Site teams. I have worked with Brad and Cycle Oregon staff in the warehouse on special projects.”

Fun fact– Chuck is our official “unofficial generator & vehicle mechanic”, too. If you’ve got a wide range of skills or interests there’s plenty of opportunity to put them to use at a Cycle Oregon event. Learn more about volunteering with Cycle Oregon here.

What keeps you coming back? “Cycle Oregon does important work to support communities throughout Oregon and to promote cycling as a conduit in bringing people together. The Cycle Oregon staff treat their volunteers with respect and appreciation; you could not ask for a nicer group to work with.”

Cycle Oregon’s Green Team was established in 2009 to work towards an ever-improving process of sustainability for the event and the communities we visit.  Volunteers from the Cycle Oregon Green Team are posted at multiple Waste Recovery Stations on course and in camp, assisting riders, vendors, and guests with information on which items go in which bins and adding information about the products we use, composting, and recycling. This important work not only increases the amount of material we send to recycling but also reduces the amount sent to the landfill and ultimately reducing our waste management costs. Every dollar the Green Team saves is more money directed to the Cycle Oregon fund.

 “Remember, life is a road, live a little!”

Cycle Oregon Green Team

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1 Comment

  1. Rohith Gunawardena says:

    Wonderful Cycle Oregon volunteer and beautiful human being! I have enjoyed his company from the time I did my first Cycle Oregon. Glad to call him a friend.