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Virtual Ride Challenge

Ride #1 in ’21

May 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021

Grab your ten-speeds and fanny packs and definitely don’t forget to feather your hair, we’re riding the original six-day Cycle Oregon route from 1988. Sign up for our virtual challenge to ride the distance from Salem to Brookings in celebration of all that the Cycle Oregon community has achieved over 33 years of riding together. To keep you riding into the future there are great raffle prizes to be won including a free entry into Cycle Oregon Classic compliments of our friends at Ride With GPS. Totally radical, dude!

Ride anywhere and your miles count towards the six milestones of our original host cities. Track your progress on the leaderboard against friends near and far and push for the finish line collecting milestone icons along the way. The goal is 346 miles and we’ll give you all of May to get there not just six days like back in ’88. Make it to Milestone 2 and you’re automatically entered into the raffle. Bodacious!

All you need is a smartphone and the Ride With GPS app.

Learn more and sign up for free here.

Each Milestone is represented by an icon representative of a 1988 host city. As you unlock milestones in the app you’ll receive notification and be listed in the leaderboard as having reached each destination. Should you wish to share these icons on your personal accounts please use the images below. Simply tap and hold to save from your phone or drag and drop on your desktop.


Salem to Corvallis – 47 miles
Corvallis to Eugene – 47 miles
Eugene to Florence – 84 miles
Florence to Coos Bay – 58 miles
Coos Bay to Gold Beach – 81 miles
Gold Beach to Brookings – 28 miles

Billboard’s Top 25 Hits of 1988

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  1. Jo Jo Russo says:

    How do I log my cycling miles? Thanks.

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      To log miles for the challenge you’ll need the Ride With GPS app on your smartphone (it’s free). Once you’ve logged in and joined the challenge all your recorded rides will be automatically added to the Cycle Oregon challenge leaderboard. Here’s the link to sign up:

      1. How do you record a ride you are doing on your trainer in your living room if you can’t get on the road? Or does that count?

        1. Cycle Oregon says:

          Hello, Lisa, to record a ride on an indoor trainer you’ll need a “smart” trainer or some other device that connects the output of the bicycle to the Ride With GPS app to record the “distance” traveled. All rides, including stationary/indoor rides, do count for this challenge though the technical requirement for your set-up may still leave you with questions. Please contact or with further questions and we’ll help get you onto the leaderboard. Thank you.

  2. Bob Leonard says:

    Well, that was a fun adventure. Got me back into the swing of things after recovering from shoulder surgery. Thanks for the challenge, and getting me back out on the bike on a regular basis.