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TVR Photos – Rohith Gunawardena

You’ve seen him in the saddle at many Cycle Oregon events but most likely you’ve seen him even more behind the camera on course snapping your photo as you ride. Rohith Gunawardena once again offered his photographic talents and boundless enthusiasm for the Cycle Oregon mission at both weekends of Tygh Valley Rally. You can find his full collection of images for Gravel Forward here and Road Forward here. Below are a few of his favorites from each weekend. Thank you, Rohith!

Gravel Forward

The riding is always great but no one skips lunch!
Some folks like an early start
And those early risers get amazing views even before they get on course
Big views
As Ian Madin says, “Geology Rocks!”
Blue rode with us both weekends. Oh, and so did Kathy!
Did you say the coffee is ready?!?

Road Forward

The Balch Hotel in Dufur
Teamwork makes that early morning climb a little easier
And the reward for the climb?
We had some rain but as Oregon Adaptive Sports Board of Directors VP Randy Norris says, “Adaptive is our middle name, we’re ready for anything.”
Lots of furry faces in camp
It felt great to be back out there with the Cycle Oregon community!
It’s party time

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1 Comment

  1. Carolyn Jen says:

    Rohith never disappoints!