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Social Media From Your Mobile Phone or Smart Phone

This year we hope many of you will take advantage of The Blogmobile to access Facebook, Twitter and your other favorite social media sites to share the event with your friends and family as it happens.

However, The Blogmobile is just one of the many ways to put content on Facebook or Twitter. If you’ve got a camera on your mobile phone, you can post photos you take to Facebook via e-mail.

If you’ve got a smartphone like an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, you have a lot of options to interface with your favorite social media applications. Smartphone users are even able to post to the Cycle Oregon Facebook page from their mobile devices – and we sincerely hope a lot of you do just that.

If you’d like to learn how to do this and more, check out the tutorial on the KoiFish Communications blog.

The Blogmobile team will also gladly post images you shoot on your mobile or smartphone onto the Cycle Oregon Facebook page for you. Just e-mail them to

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