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Route Talk – The Last Go Round

Day 7 – La Grande to Baker City

MILES : 58.4


It’s Day 7 and every mile of pavement today gets you a little closer to achieving something worth shamelessly working into conversations for years to come.

For example: “Pardon me, do you have the time?”

“I just rode 451 miles on a bike.”

It works into nearly any situation.

After leaving La Grande on Highway 203, we ride through great stretches of farmland past the recently reborn town of Hot Lake Springs on our way to the quaint, historic town of Union. Thankfully, our days of crushing mighty hills are behind us and the majority of the route today is flat or pretty mellow on the uphills. Consider today our victory lap. At Union, we hop onto Highway 237 and ride towards North Powder. From North Powder, it’s more sprawling farmland and the rhythmic tic tic tic of sprinklers all the way to the finish as we set our sights on Baker City. As we traverse the Anthony Lakes Highway in the closing miles of our incredible journey, majestic views of the Elkhorn Range beckon us from the distance – a fitting final mountain image to frame our unforgettable experience in Eastern Oregon.

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