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Route Talk – Round-Up and Roundabout

Day 5 – Pendelton Layover Loop

MILES: 54.7

Today is a layover day and you have several amazing options to consider.

Option A: Take a nice 55-mile ride that loops through rolling farmland, lunches in Echo and then follows the Umatilla River through weather-beaten cliffs back to Pendleton.

Option B: Let ‘er Buck! The world famous Pendleton Round-Up will be in full swing and Cycle Oregon riders are welcome to take it all in. Explore the rowdy history of the town, experience the Happy Canyon Pageant, or just belly up to the longest continuous bar in the country and people watch from the legendary Let’er Buck Room.
And finally, there’s Option C: do all of the above!

If you choose, Options A or C, your ride will look like this:
As you mount your trusty two wheeled steed and climb out of Pendleton behind the high school, you’ll see the landscape immediately open up into vast fields with miles of road rolling in front of you. The 1st left out of town puts you on some of the nicest surface you’ve ever ridden on. Watch the sparrows chasing hawks and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional blue heron. While you’re at it, keep your nose peeled too as you ride through a bouquet of different crops and smells. The mint is especially nice if our timing is right. Lunch is in Echo at the High School after passing through the heart of town. Check out the eagle nests in the lights at the far end of the football field. Once you reach Reith Road, it’s time for a little excitement. This swoopy road  features a fun banked turn at the bottom of the first hill. The Umatilla River rolls by on your right and cliffs and canyons are on your left. This dry, rocky, weather beaten land might make you think that you’re not still in Oregon, but you are. As you pedal along, take note of the numerous Century Farms along old Hwy 30 and the Oregon Trail tracks at Coral Springs Oregon Trail Site.

Once you get back to Pendleton, get out of your cycling duds, grab some chow and take in all that Pendleton and the world-famous Round-Up have to offer.

For even more inspiration, check out our TV COMMERCIAL for The 2018 Classic.

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