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Looptworks Puts Cycle Oregon Tents to Good Use

looptIf you’ve ridden Cycle Oregon’s weeklong event, you’ve definitely noticed Tent & Porter. Each year, Cycle Oregon sets up over 650 tents for participants to sleep in. Ever wonder what happens to all the old tents when we replace them every few years?

This year, half of the tents got donated to the Boy Scouts of America. The other half went to Looptworks, a Portland-based design company that takes excess materials and turns them into premium goods. Looptworks incorporated upcycled Cycle Oregon tents into its just-released Upcycle Coffee Travel Kit and Packable Coffee Kit.

In the travel kit, the included tablecloth is made from Cycle Oregon tents. The packable kit comes in a stuff sack that’s made from the tents. As an added bonus, Looptworks is donating 1% of every Upcycle Coffee Travel Kit purchase to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

looptworks-upcycle-travel-coffee-kitThis isn’t the first time Cycle Oregon and Looptworks have joined forces. For the 2015 Week Ride, Cycle Oregon partnered with Looptworks to create the Hell on Wheels ride t-shirts. Looptworks created the shirts out of premium textile-industry excess that was destined to be landfilled or incinerated. With each shirt conserving the 400 gallons of water required to create a new cotton t-shirt, the partnership has saved almost two million gallons of water.

Great news! Looptworks is offering 20% off any purchase for Cycle Oregon newsletter subscribers. Just enter this code at checkout: CYCLEOREGON2016.

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