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Grant Stories – Wallowa Land Trust

From the “Our Mission” page – “Proceeds from the ride go to the Cycle Oregon Fund, which helps preserve and protect the special places of Oregon and supports community development projects in the regions through which we ride.”

Eric Greenwell, Conservation Program Manager, Wallowa Land Trust

The Cycle Oregon Fund first directed a grant to the Wallowa Land Trust in 2008 dedicated to supporting their mission of protecting Wallowa Lake’s glacial moraines from development. Cycle Oregon has pedaled through this region many times, as recently as 2018, and we marvel at its beauty and natural splendor in every moment. This truly is a special place of Oregon

Wallowa Land Trust was again among our Community Grant recipients for the 2019 cycle announced at the start of this year, bringing the total of Cycle Oregon Fund contributions over the years to $98,000. Also announced at the dawn of 2020, fantastic news from the Wallowa Land Trust – On January 21st, 1,791 acres of land on Wallowa Lake’s East Moraine was purchased, through combined grants and donations, to be permanently protected by Wallowa County.

Stewardship, though, is more than just acquiring the land, and the Wallowa Land Trust has been active throughout the year in their care of the East Moraine. We spoke with their Executive Director, Kathleen Ackley, this week as winter settles in and with the new year on the horizon. Where we’ve mostly seen beautiful sunny days and rides in shorts and short sleeves, it’s quite a beautiful contrast to see the region blanketed in snow in the photos she provided.

“Even though it is full-on winter here, we have been doing some stewardship activities.  There was an area on the crest of the moraine, on the west side overlooking the lake, that had gotten some heavy use in the past by cattle. Last month we took some native plant seed, donated to us by The Nature Conservancy, and volunteers hiked up to the top to spread the seed.”

Mike Hansen, volunteer and retired Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist

“We are also currently working with the county on improving access to the property, both on the east and west sides, with improved parking and signage. We are able to do this thanks to a grant through Oregon State Parks Recreational Trails Program.”

Such great news and so much to look forward to, thank you Wallowa Land Trust.

Cycle Oregon connects its riders and supporters with the diversity of Oregon communities creating much more than great memories from the saddle. Grants from the Cycle Oregon Fund leave lasting tributes to the natural and cultural importance of this beautiful state for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to continuing on this mission and riding together again very soon.

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