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Getting Better – All the Time

composting program
The Cycle Oregon Green Team helped make the composting program a huge success.

One of the challenges for Cycle Oregon each year is how to keep things fresh.  There’s always something that can be done to make the event even better. For example, last year we instituted the Cycle Oregon Green Team volunteer group and worked with Zero Hero to recycle and compost as much material as possible on the Week Ride. (And we cut our garbage total by 79%!)

This year – as you obviously know since you’re reading this – we’re venturing into the world of social media, to give people even more ways to connect with, be part of and follow our event.  It’s a never-ending quest to refine the event for everyone involved.

One of the main focuses as we continually assess and improve the event is “How can we help first-time riders?” Veterans of Cycle O notice and appreciate our efforts to improve, but a lot of what we change is aimed at making it easier for first-timers to get excited about, and ready for, the event. Here’s an example: This year we’re adding an interactive site map of a typical camp site to The idea is, if you’ve never been around this traveling two-wheeled circus, you probably have no idea what it’s like to be in our sprawling, bustling camp. So we came up with idea of creating a generic map, with rollover pop-ups to explain the main resources and elements of our camp site. It’ll give you an idea of the breadth of services available, and give you a mental image of how things typically lay out.

And one more thought on this topic: A lot of what we implement has its roots in feedback from riders. So if you have a good idea for what we could do to make the event even better, let us know.

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