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Freewheelin’ Friday No. 5

Our weekly round-up of interesting bike news, commentary, and the best of what our favorite riders are up to.

Primal Wear has supported Cycle Oregon for many years and they understand that just because you’re riding solo doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best. They are offering a 25% discount to riders, friends, and fans of Cycle Oregon to keep looking up and keep looking good on the bike. This is a company that holds a deep belief in the promise of bicycling and contributes more than $1 Million annually in support to non-profits and charitable causes worldwide. Get yourself a fresh, new kit and also be sure to check out their line-up of non-medical, reusable masks and maskas, too.

Enter OREGON2020 at checkout to receive 25% off on any non-custom, non-preordered Primal merchandise. Thank you, Primal Wear!

Remembering Pat Malach – The progression from local races to national ones and then on to world tour events isn’t something only racers do. For Pat Malach it was writing and race reporting. Pat started a blog in 2008 called Oregon Cycling Action, worked his way up to covering bigger events around the country, and eventually became an editor with CyclingNews covering professional road racing all over the world. Ian Boswell of Bend, OR rose through the ranks as a bike racer at the same time and shares his thoughts in a beautiful tribute on Pat who passed away earlier this week. Thank you, Ian, and tailwinds to you, Pat!

Spoke’n Hostel on Path Less Pedaled – Russ and Laura from Path Less Pedaled hosted a livestream with Spoke’n Hostel proprietors and bike touring all-stars Jalet and Pat from Mitchell, Oregon. We tuned in live and it was fascinating to see the comments come in from viewers all over the world who know of this wonderful 5-star oasis. Thankfully the interview is recorded and available on Path Less Pedaled‘s YouTube channel. Lovely people on both sides of this interview. Check it out:

Just like you, we find ourselves on social media a little bit more than usual and that’s not altogether a bad thing. We’ve been able to pay a little more attention to our friends and to enjoy the world as seen through their eyes. This post reminds us of the spring “snow” everyone loves.

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