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Day Six

Every year Cycle Oregon has at least one epic climbing day and Day Six was it. A morning fog hung eerily over camp and the moon lingered in the sky as a large group rolled out at first light. After several days of riding, cyclist were primed for the 40-mile climb (and 40-mile descent) ahead.

In Riddle a huge cheering section was ready and waiting to greet the hammerheads who began arriving just before noon. That same group remained until the course closed and cheered for the stragglers as enthusiastically as they had the overachievers hours before and everyone else in between. In the evening Main Street teemed with activity. The few bars and restaurants were packed to overflowing but no one seemed to mind having to hang out a few extra minutes for their beer and burgers. Only a few more miles back to Sutherlin remain.

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1 Comment

  1. Susan Davis says:

    Greetings from Bandon! Watched you on Hwy 101 preparing to turn onto 42 South. If you know Sean H. Bull who is on your trip, say “hi” from me! Glad you could spend some time in beautiful Bandon-by-the-Sea!