Day Four — Ashland!

Crater Lake might be one of the most beautiful parts of Oregon, but there are other parts of the state that are equally as awesome in their own way. Ashland is a fine example. It can hold its own in terms of natural beauty (unless you compare it to Crater Lake), but there’s so much more to this magical town than that.

The term “civilized” is subjective. We’ve spent several perfect days in some very remote locations, which some might argue offer a more civilized way living than pretty much anywhere else. Others might argue that Ashland is among the most civilized places around because it offers the perfect combination of rural, art, culture and dining . Frankly, I think it’s one of the most civilized places on the planet, but am grateful we get to experience both rural and super ultra rural on this trip. I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard.

While still a far cry from being a city, Ashland offers a few more creature comforts than we’ve seen for the past few days. Theater, fine dining, breweries, wine bars, art, culture and opportunities to use real porcelain toilets abound.

Tomorrow some will ride up (and up and up and up) Mt. Ashland. Others will give their tender tushes a break and get a taste of some of the other great things one can do in this town.


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  1. Jackie Olsen says:

    I worked Cycle Oregon from 1991-2003, first as a volunteer with the massage tent, then was hired at the Coordinator. I miss it SOO much and love reading your blog every year;I especially miss all the people I got to know in those 12 years.

  2. Today as I drove home from work I passed many, many cyclists and was so excited by them, I drove up Dead Indian Memorial Road to see where the line ended. But it never ended and I had to turn around and go home. Welcome to Ashland, cyclists!! Pam