Day Six — Klamath Falls

I always hate leaving Ashland, as it normally means fun time has come to an end. But since Cycle Oregon marches on, the fun continues. Even still, some of the riders seemed not to want to leave town this morning (even though many got started at the crack of dawn). Perhaps it had something to do with that big ol’ climb they had to tackle right out of the gate. Even still, it appeared as if most peoples’ fun meters remained pegged as they rode onward and upward. When they arrive in Klamath Falls, they’ll be treated to a beautiful lakeside campsite. Tomorrow, we’re off to Bly once more. Where has the time gone?


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  1. We passed you guys on our way to Ashland today. You all have my utmost respect and awe for making it up that mountain. And it looked like fun was being had by most everyone. 🙂

  2. I would have enjoyed the climb. Maybe some other time soon. Been following the blog. Sounds like weather was supreme. Hope everyone had fund and return next year. I certainly plan on riding next year. Meet many of you then 😉

  3. It was great having you all here in town, you really livened up the place! Met a lot of nice people, and the camp at SOU was just amazing. Hats off to the many people it takes to pull off the logistics of such an event over a week in different locations. Hope you all enjoyed Ashland and come back soon!