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Cycle Oregon Weekend 2014 — Day One

Remember when we told you how McMinnville is working hard to make itself more of a cycle tourism destination? Well it is. Good thing too, because after putting rubber to the road today, it’s a safe bet that many of those who haven’t ridden here before will be back again (and again, and again, and again and again). Low traffic, silky ribbons of smooth asphalt, rolling hills (including a few lung-busters) and the multitude of shapes and colors that make up the agricultural mosaic of  the Willamette Valley combine to make up some breathtaking cycling. Seriously, those of us who live in or near the Willamette Valley owe it to ourselves to ride all of it all the time — not just the sections close to home. If not for yourself, do it for the poor folks who have to travel great distances for bucolic splendor even half as splendid.

On top of the beauty of the course, the weather was perfect (at least until about 11:30 when it started to get a tad warm). No matter. Based on the smiles on the faces of all the riders I’m not sure anyone even noticed.

Cycle Oregon  DR-24

Cycle Oregon  DR-16

Cycle Oregon  DR-13

Cycle Oregon  DR-5

Cycle Oregon  DR-8

Cycle Oregon  DR-22

Cycle Oregon  DR-18

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