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Cycle Oregon Wallpapers

Smartphone wallpapers are a fun way to keep a little bit of Cycle Oregon in your day-to-day life. We’ve pulled together ten images from Cycle Oregon events past and present along with some of our favorite images from the blog in 2020.

Most phones have a “Wallpaper” or “Styles & Wallpapers” menu within the basic “Settings’ menus. Once you’ve downloaded the image to your phone follow the steps for your device to add to your phone. Each of the photos here can be saved directly from this post; just drag and drop on a desktop or tap and hold on your phone to save to your photo folder.

We’ve made these images in a 9:16 full vertical aspect which will work for most phones though your device might require a bit of editing inside the set-up. There’s lots of how-to information online and you’ll find it’s a surprisingly simple task. We’ll be offering more wallpapers going forward so stay tuned to the blog and to Cycle Oregon’s Instagram.

Cycle Oregon Logo

Cycle Oregon Bike Rack Logo

Cycle Oregon Water Bottle / Row River Trail, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Cycle Oregon Classic Finish 2018

Cycle Oregon Classic Long Road

Cycle Oregon Classic 2003

Cycle Oregon GRAVEL 2018

Pavement Ends / C2C Trail, Corvallis, Oregon

Journey Thru Time / Oregon Scenic Bikeway

Wait For Green

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