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Cycle Oregon Training Series — Part Two

The following post is the second in a monthly series from Steve Schulz. Steve serves as course director on Cycle Oregon. He is also the owner of STRADA, a fitness and adventure training center in Portland, Oregon. STRADA offers specialized training rides and programs designed to help riders get the most out of Cycle Oregon.

Smiling the smiles and logging the miles

Hopefully by now you have several weeks of base fitness in, and are ready to start hitting the road. With breaks in the weather (and even if there aren’t breaks!) it’s time to get outside and on that bike. If you just can’t “weather” the weather, you can use a bike trainer/roller or join a spinning class. You should be shooting for three to four rides a week (spinning classes and indoor training sessions count).

Now is a great time to start working on your cycling posture. Your body may have changed since you’ve been on your bike last (for some of you it may have been at the end of Cycle Oregon last year!). You may feel a little different on the bike; things tight where they weren’t before, saddle not as comfortable as it used to be, etc. Think about keeping relaxed on the bike, with a flat back, open chest and knees tracking straight. Regularly change your position slightly, and do some on-the-bike stretches.

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