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Cycle Oregon — Staying Connected and Sharing the Love

Only a few more days to go until the chorus of clicks begins at the start line of Cycle Oregon on Day One. It’s an event that will be worth remembering, and something you’ll want to share with your friends and family. The good news is that you don’t need to wait until the ride is over to tell your tales and share your experiences.

Through the magic of smartphones, it’s pretty easy to access the Internet and get on Facebook or Twitter – or at least take a few photos. But there’s only so much you can do on a phone (and, of course, some phones don’t work so well out in the sticks).

Fortunately, there’s The Blogmobile, which is back and better than ever. Every day from 3 until 9:00 p.m. we’ll have a table full of laptops available for riders to update their Facebook profiles, tweet, blog, post about the day on their favorite cycling forums and add comments to the Cycle Oregon Facebook page. The Blogmobile will be staffed by the friendly folks of KoiFish Communications, who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Working Together to Chronicle Cycle Oregon

Cycle Oregon has a few professional photographers on the course who ride and shoot. Many of these images will be shared after the event. But this year there will NOT be a photographer shooting and selling rider photos. The best way to chronicle our collective experience is to do so collectively. This means sharing with your fellow riders as well.

When you see someone taking a group photo, consider stopping to ask the photographer if she’d like to be in the shot too (then ask her to do the same for you). And if you wind up with some great photos, consider sharing them with everyone. If you get a good one on your mobile device during the ride, you can email it to and we’ll post it to the Cycle Oregon Facebook page that day.

After the ride, be sure to visit the Cycle Oregon 2011 Flickr page and the Cycle Oregon Facebook page. If you’re a Twitter junkie, please use the #cycleoregon hashtag.

Together we can make a collection of photos that will allow you to relive the ride whenever you wish. Don’t worry if you’re a little late to the party from a technology perspective but think you’d like to give it a try. This beginner’s guide to mobile social media can show you the way. Or stop by The Blogmobile and we’ll give you a short tutorial.

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