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Cycle Oregon & Mettle Cycling

Riding bikes is fun and we believe we’ve had the fun factor dialed all the way up since day one here at Cycle Oregon. So, why did we partner with a bike racing team for 2020? Well, first and foremost, racing is rooted in riding. It takes lots of riding to be good at racing and the folks who really excel at racing are those that simply love to get out and ride. Second, we saw an exemplary level of team spirit in this squad. It’s a collective of many different personalities who combine into something greater than the individual sum of their pieces. Third, the Mettle Cycling crew embodies a spirit of community we find inspiring. Like any team, they have ambitions to place high at events but the core of their mission is to serve the cycling community in ways that connect to the larger world. In this case that world is Oregon, our beloved and shared home state. 

The Mettle Cycling Team represents the established cycling traditions of determination, effort, and teamwork but with the modern elements of representation, community service, and a balanced approach to the sport and life in general. They seem to always have a rider in motion somewhere out there, a rider who can lead the group but who also will take time to say hello. They fund raise for cancer research, they create spaces at events for new riders to come into the sport, and they make riding look good. They represent all the qualities we want the world to know about cycling in Oregon and about what we do here at Cycle Oregon. About us in a recent team blog post they say, “Their work is hugely impactful and generates community connections that would not otherwise overlap.”

We are excited to have their support in making even more community connections and hoped their 2020 jersey reveal would come at one of our events but this crazy year changed everything in the world of bikes. In their typical fashion of creative determination, Mettle has this to say about the launch of their new team kit, “To be clear, Mettle has sworn off racing until a long list of requirements are met and we’re so not even close to a single one of them. But everyone has found their second passion or a singular constant in their life that has occupied their time more than training and racing and we took those themes and applied them to this year’s kit release. We combined the talents of our four team photographers and sent them on assignments to capture it all from a safe distance. So here it is, Mettle’s new 2020 Road Kit, COVID-19 Edition.”

We look forward to riding together with these fun folks, (and you, too!) sometime very soon. Fun first, no doubt about it.

Andrew putting jersey pockets to use for easier shopping
Annalisa is all about bikes and buckets
Ben G keeping cooler than cool
Ben W is a crusher on any kind of wheel
Brooke embracing all of Oregon
Charlie has the perfect Oregon summer dialed in
Christy and her dog know the best spots around town to cool off
Drew is outstanding in his field
You’ll never hear Drew H say a climb is too steep
Eric is all smiles in this cool new kit
Hey, Gabe, did you notice the new jersey design? “Yeah, I saw it.”
Grant going over the day’s training ride tactics
Jennah is all about brewing up the smiles
Kayt thanks the Oregon sun and soil
Kieran snags the high score for summer fun
You’d batter believe Larissa is excited about this new kit design
It’s all fun until Mikey drops the hammer
Nick’s ride is always in top shape
Randall is the team captain and this is not a funny take on the sport’s dark side. He’s had a tough year health wise but has risen above it to be a force of positive action. Keep getting better, Randall, we can’t wait to ride with you soon!
Sarah getting an upper body workout to get in shape for that next finish line victory salute
Sierra and the summer all parents know in 2020
Oh, Weston, stop being so cheesy!
Xander serves up a love of the riding life no matter where that may be

– All photos courtesy of Mettle Cycling.

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