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One Gobstopper Of A Kickoff

These long, dark days of winter will soon be coming to an end and the smell of chain lube and fresh rubber will once again fill your senses. That’s right, it’s a new year and for the Cycle Oregon family that means new routes and new adventures to announce. Our annual Kickoff event is scheduled for January 30th at the Portland Art Museum and we can’t wait to see you all there!

For those who have never been to a Kickoff Event, it’s a lot like most of our other events (only with much less sweating). There is plenty of delicious food and beverages. There are old friends reacquainting and reminiscing. There will be fabulous giveaways and vendors and sponsors will be showing off their latest and greatest. There’s fantastic music (this year provided by Tequila Highway), and there is lots of talk of magical miles and unforgettable scenery. The Kickoff Event is also where we end the suspense we have left you in for four long months and reveal the locations of our 2019 rides in tantalizing detail.

And on top of all that excitement, we have worked up one more great reason for you to attend. This year we’re going full-Wonka and one lucky person will end up with the GOLDEN TICKET – a free entry for the 2019 Classic!

Here’s how it will work: the first 500 people in the door of the Art Museum will get an exclusive card with a code that lets them register for the Classic early (starting at 9pm 1/30 and going until 11am 1/31). This in and of itself is awesome, but wait, there’s more. One of these 500 cards has the code that constitutes the GOLDEN TICKET. We’re talking free ride, no take-backsies, touch blue make it true, winner winner chicken dinner! And even though there can be only one GOLDEN TICKET, with Cycle Oregon there are no losers – everyone else wanting to register for these rides of a lifetime may do so starting at 12 noon PST 1/31 for all events.

So if you haven’t won anything since second grade, you should definitely come to Kickoff because you’re probably due. Or if you asked Santa for a carbon fiber gravel grinder and you got a sweater instead, this could be the Jolly Man’s chance to make it right. Or if your New Year’s Resolutions are to 1) save money, 2) go on an adventure, and 3) stay in better shape, a Golden Ticket could be a real three birds with one stone kind of situation. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, but you’ve got to come to the Kickoff and you’ve got to be one of the first 500 in the door. After that, it’s in Luck’s hands.


Watch the 2019 route announcement.

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