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Better Know Glenwood, Washington

glenwoodWith a population between 400 and 500 people, Glenwood, Washington, isn’t a big town, but it has some mighty huge views of a pretty spectacular mountain. The downtown won’t take long to explore. Once you’ve taken in the general store and the Glenwood Inn, you’ll have pretty much seen it all. But there’s a lot more to the area than just that.

A large part of the area’s history is rooted in the timber industry. Much of the wood processed in these mills went to make wooden fruit crates used in the region. The millpond for the Mt. Adams Pine Company is still there, and we’ll pass right by it on the way into town.

millIn the 1920s there were several sawmills in the region. However, by 1931 timber started getting scarce. Local legend says mill owner Truman Collins and his nearest competitor, J. Neils, decided there wasn’t enough business for the two of them, so they would flip a coin and the winner would buy the loser out. There ended the Collins mill (don’t feel too bad; the family seemed to do pretty well for itself in the timber industry for generations).

The Glenwood Valley was also once home to the Klickitat Tree Farm, which employed the first sustained-yield plan for a private forest in 1939.

Of course Glenwood is about much more than just logging and forestry. Apparently it’s a pretty popular gathering place for Sasquatch. So much so that a recent reality show about the large-footed beasts was filmed there. Sadly, the show’s crew wasn’t able to capture this majestic creature on video in the short time they were there, but we’ll want to be sure to keep our eyes peeled. With about 2,500 of us in town, surely one of us will catch a glimpse. There’s big money to be made with good footage, so keep your smartphones at the ready.

As is the case with pretty much every town we’ll visit during the ride, there are plenty of great reasons to explore in more depth than we’ll be able to accomplish while we’re there on CO. The Klickitat River Canyon is nearby, and the river that runs through it is designated Wild and Scenic. It’s a great place for whitewater enthusiasts and anglers alike. Spring steelhead, chinook and stocked salmon abound. There’s also a great rodeo on Father’s Day and the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to a large herd of elk, the greater sandhill crane and the Oregon spotted frog.

Glenwood here we come!

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