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AAA Oregon/Idaho Sponsors Cycle Oregon For the Sixth Year in a Row

Cycle Oregon  (1 of 1)The following article was provided by our sponsors at AAA Oregon/Idaho.

AAA Oregon/Idaho has been a sponsor of Cycle Oregon for six years. But what, you ask, does AAA have to do with bikes?

There’s a lot you can encounter on a long bike ride – from the good (cool breezes, cautious drivers, lemonade stands) to the ugly (dehydration, bugs, road kill). And, of course, there’s a long list of bad things that could happen to your bike along the way. Flat tires, slipped chains, brake failures, oh my! Many of these are easy fixes for experienced cyclists, but what happens when you encounter a problem you can’t handle yourself?

Easy, you call AAA. Yep, it’s not just for cars anymore.

AAA Oregon/Idaho includes bicycles in all our roadside assistance plans. AAA members get the same coverage on their bike that they get in their car, so you can call AAA and we’ll take you and your bicycle to a repair shop or another safe place, up to 200 miles for Premier members!

We added bicycle service five years ago because we saw how important cycling was to our beautiful corner of America. We live here too, and we’ve seen how bikes can positively impact so much in the community. Our mission is to protect the interests of all our traveling members – not just motorists, so it was an easy decision to include bicycles in our service offerings.

We’re so proud of the help we’ve provided to thousands of stranded cyclists since 2009, and look forward to even more. So pedal on, and ride with the peace of mind that AAA will be there in a pinch. Find out more and sign up at


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