2023 Cycle Oregon Events – Save the Dates!

What if we could create even better experiences on our events, and make them more accessible and welcoming for everyone?

With our plan for 2023, we can, and we will.

Taking what we learned from a challenging post-pandemic 2022, listening to your feedback, and working on the long-term sustainability of the organization, we’re making a slight shift in 2023; one that will reward both you and this community of ours for years to come.

We will be focusing our capacity on hosting two strong events in 2023, developing new partnerships, growing our programming, and working on enhancing our 2024 slate of events to be able to host more inclusive, accessible, and amazing experiences for all of you. 

GRAVEL: May 19th-21st

Join us for an amazing weekend riding plush gravel roads in an all-new location for GRAVEL!  

Classic: September 9th – 16th

This year we’re riding on never before experienced routes. We’re stoked to visit new communities and areas of the state with you!

We’re committed to strengthening all of our events and returning to our full slate of events in 2024.

We realize for some of you, Joyride and WEEKENDER are your ‘go-to’ events every year, and we hope that you consider joining us on GRAVEL or Classic this year. There will be route options on both events, which may provide enticing opportunities for you to come play with us!

We’ll be announcing all of the event details on January 24, 2023. Come ride some new routes, visit new areas and communities, and reconnect with friends old and new! Let’s RIDE!

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  1. ryan rushton says:

    Very excited to hear the new cycle oregon classic ride this year is goind down!!!! Me and my brother will be signing up as soon as we can in January when it drops!

  2. Andrew W Walsh says:

    Looking forward to 2023

  3. Dedi Williamson says:

    I am in the Southeastern part of the USA. What time today will the announcement be made? I am excited to know where the next route is going to take place.

  4. Carolyn Jen says:

    What is the early registration process for COG & Paceline members?

  5. Mary Van Ottingham says:

    Is there going to be a one day women’s cycling ride in 2023! I miss it!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Mary – look for our announcement of 2024 event calendar in the coming months. There will be a return of a weekender style and womens events.Stay tuned!

  6. Margaret Gorman says:

    Last year I rode the joy ride and had the best experience. I’m disappointed to see you won’t be hosting the event this year, as the only two events now offered don’t work with my family/work schedule. A one-day event was great for accessibility for working moms to be a part of cycle oregon. Please bring it back!

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Margaret – due to a number of factors, our calendar was limited in 2023. We are bringing back a weekender style event and a womens event in 2024 (as well as GRAVEL and a 5 day experience). Stay tuned!

  7. Robin Dressler says:

    What happened to the Weekender? Last time i went it was very well attended. It is a much appreciated event for those of us who can’t do a whole week especially sleeping in tents.

    1. Cycle Oregon says:

      Hi Robin – Due to a number of factors, our calendar was limited in 2023. We are bringing back a weekender style event in 2024. Stay tuned!