This is a mostly gravel route intended for experienced cyclists. The out-and-back route begins from the site of the former Lion’s Park, where Maxville’s Black loggers lived following the closure of the town, and climbs up Promise Road to the former location of the once bustling logging community.

This is a challenging climb on currently active logging roads so expect varied road conditions including possible heavy braking bumps. We strongly recommend 35c or larger tires and disc brakes. Additionally, please ride this route only on weekends as the road is in active use Monday through Friday. Ride the route up and back or add it to another of our routes passing through Wallowa. (This route has overlap with our Nez Perce Homeland Loop.)

Note that very little of Maxville remains as nearly everything was taken and repurposed when the Bowman-Hicks logging company closed operations in 1934. The Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center is enthusiastic for riders to travel here but asks that they leave no trace. Additionally, as this is an active archaeological site and private property of the descendants of the Black loggers who called Maxville home, please do not disturb or remove any artifacts you may find. The MHIC encourages you to take plenty of photos and share your experience on social media.

“Inclusivity improves historical accuracy”
Gwen Trice / Founder & Executive Director, MHIC

Open Wednesday – Sunday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM (Or by appointment year-round)


Equipment: 35c or wider tires strongly recommended
Services: Public restrooms at both entrances to Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland
Connections Recommends: Little Bear Drive-In (102 S. Madison St. Wallowa, OR)

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