This challenging yet scenic route is 60% gravel with sections from fine, smooth grade to the rugged Wade Gulch Road. Extended sections of paved road are concentrated near the cities of Enterprise and Wallowa. We strongly recommend a minimum tire size of 35c though 40+ will be much better suited to the changing terrain of these working farm roads.

The route stretches from bronze foundries on the outskirts of Enterprise and across the Zumwalt Prairie to the Nez Perce Homeland in Wallowa, Oregon.

Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland Visitor Center
Winter Hours: By appointment or by chance! Contact us at info@wallowanezperce.org to make an appointment or swing by the office located at 209 E. 2nd Street in Wallowa. If we’re here, we’ll let you in!

From here, the route returns along the Wallowa River and then Lostine River before entry into a secluded valley traversed by Wade Gulch Road. This challenging section loosely follows an ancient Nez Perce trail connecting the high and low valleys and will return riders to the high ridge they climbed out from Enterprise and now descend back to town along big, sweeping curves.

This is an inspiring route with historical connection to the Nez Perce and Maxville communities along with breathtaking views of wildlife, the Wallowa Mountains, and spectacular mixed-terrain riding. A short detour from the route at Mile 15.1 or 32.7 will lead you to Lostine and the 107-year-old general store that has been reimagined by local artist Tyler Hays. Delicious pizza, drinks, and snacks are available at the store.


Equipment: 40c or wider tires strongly recommended
Services: Public restrooms at both entrances to Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland (on route)
Connections Recommends: Hurricane Coffee (402 S. River St. Enterprise, OR)

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