Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR

DAY 184/45 Miles 

One loop has us going west of Corvallis, and south of Hwy 34/20 to Lebanon, so the mid and long routes meet in Lebanon for lunch.  Before Lebanon, the long route would travel south to Sodaville and Waterloo, and then northwest of Lebanon to Lacomb, and possibly to a fish hatchery and a covered bridge, before returning to Lebanon to lunch.  Everybody would return to OSU by getting on Tangent Drive and Peoria Rd, like we returned to campus this year on Day 2. 


 DAY 268-78/43 Miles 

 The other loop goes north of Corvallis on the east side of Hwy 99W and then through Camp Adair, across Hwy 99W.  At this point, the mid route travels south and uses some of the original Willamette Scenic Bikeway route to get to Albany, and then uses Hwy 99W past Linn Benton Community College to get under Hwy 34/20 and again uses Tangent Dr and Peoria Rd to return to campus.  The long route breaks off at Camp Adair and goes north and uses some of the southernmost roads we used when we stayed in Monmouth to travel through Buena Vista to tie into the mid route to return to campus.  We will possibly use North Albany park for lunch for both the mid and long routes.