Cycle Oregon IX

Sept. 8-14, 1996

Cycle Oregon IX Tourbook

Day One: Lakeview to Paisley, 54 miles

Elevation start: 4,800
Total gain: 1,860

What better place to saddle up than “the tallest town in Oregon,” a cowboy community nestled beneath reach-out-and-touch-’em stars.

Day Two: Paisley to Silver Lake, 51 miles

(optional century to Fort Rock, 102 miles)

Elevation start: 4,396
Total gain: 600 (with loop 1,400)

Only the total wimps will skip the stunning ride to Fort Rock, the ethereal desert landmark that lured Oregon’s earliest inhabitants 9,000 years ago.

Day Three: Silver Lake to Chiloquin, 74 miles

Elevation start: 4,300
Total gain: 1,390

Riding to the beat of 10,000 waterfowl wings, we turn west to pedal through the heart of the Klamath Forest National Wildlife Refuge.

Day Four: Chiloquin to Prospect, 61 miles

(optional century to Crater Lake, 104 miles)

Elevation start: 4,200
Total gain: 3,050

Since we’re in the neighborhood, you may climb to the rim of Crater Lake and bask in the glory of the most postcard-perfect view in all of Oregon.

Day Five: Prospect to Klamath Falls, 95 miles

Elevation start: 2,050
Total gain: 5,250

A spectacular day’s ride through the rolling forest leads to a stunning campsite slap on the shore of Klamath Lake.

Day Six: Klamath Falls to Bonanza, 57 miles

Elevation start: 4,120
Total gain: 500

Follow your bliss: Haven’t you always wanted, at least once in your life, to pitch your tent in a place called Bonanza?

Day Seven: Bonanza to Lakeview, 78 miles

Elevation start: 4,200
Total gain: 3,260

Ready for the big finish?  Two mountain passes.  Breathtaking views over the Great Basin.  Oh yes, and a tall-in-the-saddle welcome to a finish line party that will remind you why they still call it the Wild West.