Cycle Oregon III

Sept. 9-15, 1990—Pendleton to Newport

Cycle Oregon III Tourbook

Day One: Pendleton to Heppner, 58.6 miles

Our first day will be 59 miles long and will take place in wheat-growing country.  It is relatively flat without many shade trees to rest under.  This is when you’ll really need your two water bottles.  It can get quite warm in this arid country (85+ degrees).  Our first night we’ll bunk down at Heppner, home of the only roller-compacted dam in the United States.  Northeast Oregon is a land of extremes.  It can be hot during the day and very chilly at night.  Rain is rarely seen in this desert country, but pack your polypro, jackets, wool socks and gloves for the following morning’s ride!  Everyone will camp in Heppner, and utilize a large camping area equipped with showers and portapotties.  If you really hate to camp, call the homestay number listed on page 5 to be placed in homes of locals who will take cyclists in.

Day Two: Heppner to Fossil, 62 miles

A 57-mile day will take us through Condon, a center for birds, deer and elk in the autumn.  We then begin entering the Fossil Beds National Monument, where you can actually witness Oregon’s geological history.Everyone will camp at Fossil, where you will find fossil exhibits of saber-toothed tigers, giant pigs and three-toed horses.  Fossil will also host a homestay program as an alternative to camping.

Day Three: Fossil to Madras, 69.2 miles

Plan to pedal about 62 miles to some of Oregon’s richest agate beds and friendly hospitality in the town of Madras.  We travel to Madras after climbing out of the Clarno Basin outside of Antelope.

Day Four: Madras to Sisters, 46.5 miles

Finally a day without any hills!  The 42-mile ride will take you back to the Old West – Sisters.  West of town, next to our campsite, look for the largest llama breeding ranch in the world.Day Five: Sisters to Sweet Home, 71.7 miles
Our longest and toughest day – 73 miles!  We’ll climb the Santiam Pass and then enjoy an 11 mile downgrade into Sweet Home.  This valley community was called Buckhead and Mossville until 1874 when it was renamed to Sweet Home.  The Santiam River is noted for its fine Steelhead fishing; plan to grab a fishing pole for this overnight stop.  A homestay program is available here.

Day Six: Sweet Home to Corvallis, 40.3 miles

The easiest day; only 45 miles of cycling through the flat heartland of Oregon.  Corvallis is the proud home of Oregon State University and the only community on this year’s ride to have hosted Cycle Oregon on its inaugural ride in 1988.  With over 6O miles of bike paths along the Willamette River, through parks and city streets, the Corvallis area is a popular destination for cyclists.  Corvallis is also a town rich in recreational, historic and cultural activities that make the community one you’ll remember.

Day Seven: Corvallis to Newport, 65.8 miles

A day of satisfying pride and sad goodbyes.  We’ll head westward to the mighty Pacific on this 66-mile journey.  Make sure to dip your tire in the ocean, signifying your arrival!  Newport, home of the annual Seafood and Wine Festival, will host a feast of Northwest delectables.