LENGTH 134 Miles | DIFFICULTY Challenging

Nearby cities: La Grande, Island City, Union, Baker City, North Power, Cove

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The Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway covers some of the route traveled by pioneers on the Oregon Trail. The 134-mile figure-8 route offers something for everybody. Cyclists seeking a challenging ride can tackle the entire route and those wanting a more leisurely trip can divide their route into segments.

The ride begins at Riverside Park in La Grande, population 13,000, with restaurants, motels, a bicycle shop and grocery stores. From there, the route takes riders though the small northeastern Oregon communities of Island City just outside of La Grande, Union at the confluence of the two loops, and the railroad town of North Powder with its views of the Elkhorn Mountains.

The halfway point of the route is historic Baker City, where you can refresh and spend a relaxing night enjoying excellent dining and accommodations, stop by the local bicycle shop or an award-winning microbrew.

The return trip takes cyclists through the unincorprated community of Medical Springs enroute to a climb to Catherine Summit at 4,178 feet that is rewarded with a 6-mile downhill ride to Catherine Creek State Park. The final leg of the route takes cyclists through Cove and along the foothills of the Wallow Mountains on the return to Riverside Park.

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Information about road conditions from Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck.